About Us


Aleutia's (pronounced al-oo-sha) aim is to distribute online computers at a price point that is affordable to as many families and businesses as possible in the developing world, and particularly in Africa.


Response to a Problem

In response to challenges faced deploying power hungry computers for an IT cafe in Ghana, Aleutia was founded by Mike Rosenberg with a mission to produce ultra low power, ultra reliable PCs. Aleutia shipped its first product, the 8 Watt Fanless E1 PC in October 2007.

We now offer a variety of energy efficient PCs including thin clients, nettops, workstations, embedded PCs, set top boxes, as well as servers, low power displays, and solar panels. All of our products are designed with a focus on low power consumption and reliability in remote, hot, and dusty environments.

Leading Edge ODM Work

Large custom projects comprise the majority of Aleutia's work and our flexible manufacturing operations, rapid development process, London based engineers, assembly and headquarters, enables us to offer the widest customisation options with the fastest turn-around time. Because we are a small and agile team, we are also able to integrate new technologies into our products faster than Intel can release them. We track the Intel roadmap religiously and are already developing products using technologies years away from general release. When Intel or AMD release a new technology, you can be sure to find it in one of our computers within weeks.

Our passion is to develop rugged, energy efficient, multi purpose computers that can operate in places most of us never thought a computer was needed, let alone possible possible to operate in. From time-lapse contraptions attached to lamp posts for several years to film regeneration projects in London (demolition and construction), to schools hundreds of miles off grid in rural Africa, Asia and South America, we have enabled our customers deploy computers wherever they are needed.

Aleutia is Global

Working closely with local governments and the non-profit sector, Aleutia has provided its low cost, rugged PCs and solar panels to schools in Ecuador, the Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia.

Aleutia PCs are in operation in 64 countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and from Greenland to Saudi Arabia. Our customers include Unicef, Tesco, Schlumberger, Pret a Manger, Virgin Media, and the NHS as well as the Corporate Social Responsibility Arm of Goldman Sachs and Virgin

The Team


Mike Rosenberg

Founder and CEO

Passionate about innovative technology, tireless in product development and focussed on visionary projects. 
Early sales career at Kelway, followed by seven years building Aleutia and working on the ground in more than 10 Sub Saharan countries.

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Artyom Pertsovsky

Senior Software Dev

Previous roles as engineer at Dell and Broadberry and expert knowledge of Linux make Artyom our technical guru. 

In charge of software and website development, and manages Aleutia's eClinic healthcare software solution.