Camfed, Zambia

Aleutia T1’s providing ICT access to first-time users in rural Zambia

The Challenge

No access to electricity, no internet (3G or otherwise), and tough environmental conditions (dust)

Camfed wanted to provide advanced ICT literacy and confidence to adolescent girls in rural Zambia, providing a high-value vocational skill to marginalised young women with limited prospects beyond early motherhood.

The aim was not to provide computers for the sake of providing computers (Africa is littered with mothballed ICT labs) but to provide “learning appliances” that could inspire passion in computing and foster enough confidence and familiarity with software and computers that girls could rise to be IT scholars (and evangelists) and train others – teaching leadership and not just Excel.


The Solution

Aleutia developed ultra reliable computers (T1) that could run on solar. A central training centre with 20 such computers was established, the Samfya Resource Centre (SRC) and by using the open-source operating system, Edubuntu, a range of education games were provided to encourage first-time users.

The project was successful and expanded to 8 regional centres (all in remote areas) with a new funder (Goldman Sachs CSR) stepping in and Aleutia providing a further 50 rugged computers and solar equipment.



Client: Camfed, Goldman Sachs CSR

Country: Zambia

Category: Education


Products: T1 Fanless Nettop

                 Solar Classroom in a Box

Aleutia's 'Solar Classroom in a Box' was a finalist in the 2015 INDEX: Design to Improve Life Awards.