Solar Computers in Rural Ethiopia Used by 700 Students


Compact, rugged computers needed for ICT education project
in rural Ethiopia
No internet connection available in village so engaging online
content and interactive education software essential.
No reliable access to electricity so sustainable solar power vital
for the project


Small Aleutia T1 computers with no moving parts and solid state
drives can handle dusty environments and operate for years
Aleutia computers pre-loaded with open source Edubuntu
Operating System, featuring typing games, astronomy , chemistry,
and math applications, as well as oine version of Wikipedia.
A school with no periodic table now had an interactive digital one.
Portable Aleutia solar kit allows PCs to operate 14 hours/day
indefinitely with no need for mains power. 


700 students from neighbouring communities
use 2 Aleutia computers in first 5 weeks of program. 

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