Pret Point Of Sale servers worldwide

POS for Head Office monitoring

Our software partner Clarity Commerce provides the innovative touchscreen interface on the Toshiba POS tills each of which feeds data back to an Aleutia T1 server running Windows server 2008 R2 for analysis, allowing Pret a Manger's head office to monitor tens of thousands of sales of croissants, lattes and its signature sandwiches in real time.

In a busy London cafe there's no space for a tower server and Pret didn't require that kind of performance.

Low power, small footprint

Because the data gathered was so vital they needed an extremely reliable solution that could be tucked away in a space-constrained kitchen The Aleutia T1 with its fanless design and solid state drive provided the 24/7 reliability they needed and it was rugged and small enough that it could be mounted in a janitorial closet.

Peak power consumption of 18 Watts meant always-on running costs would be roughly a tenth of a Dell or HP solution.

This project is classic Aleutia: the software overhaul and server licenses are a multi million dollar project but our $500 computer is the vital keystone component that enables it all to work day in day out.

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