Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge

Aleutia T1’s providing energy efficiency and cost savings while running completely silent

The Challenge

High energy bills and limited space Libraries and research areas at University of Cambridge’s colleges and institutes include computer rooms that serve their students 24 hours a day. Using industry-standard tower computers leads to high energy bills and because of Cambridge's famed classic architecture, the rooms are sometimes small, with no air conditioning. Many of the desktops are always on and students use them for email and web browsing as well as writing essays and carrying out research. A computer that can run 24/7, can be mounted behind a monitor and produces little heat is ideal in this environment.


The Solution

An ultra energy efficient Aleutia T1, mounted behind the monitor and completely silent In 2010, the University of Cambridge made its individual institutions responsible for their energy bills and the Faculty of Classics reached out to Aleutia for an energy efficient alternative to traditional desktop PCs. Aleutia supplied an initial batch of thirty T1 computers: many of these are still in use and further orders have followed. Since 2010, Aleutia has replaced over 75 traditional computers in the University with their nettop PCs, reducing computer energy bills by more than 90% in research and admin areas. The Faculty of Classics didn't even have to pay for their new computers as they received a grant from the Revolving Green Fund administered by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE). By using an Energy Monitor, the Faculty of Classics were able to prove that running their existing computers for 4 more years would cost more than buying the new Aleutia T1s. Not only did Aleutia's T1s save space and reduce power consumption by 95% but the fanless design and solid state drive provided a benefit libraries around the world appreciate and normal desktops can't offer: silence.

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"I've been buying Aleutia machines for 5 years. We use them for student and staff desktops and for system management tasks. They're small and quiet, energy-efficient and reliable and they're powerful enough to run the latest office applications."

Steve Kimberley, Computer Officer, Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge


Client: Faculty of Classics, Cambridge University

Country: England

Catagory: Education

Dates: 2010 - Ongoing

Products: 40 x T1 Fanless Nettop