Powering leading-edge patient entertainment and care through a silent, always-on T1

The Challenge

Enable a cutting edge patient care system for hospitals around with a world with a reliable Set Top Box.

Barco is a US technology giant that operates in a variety of sectors, but have a particular focus on Patient Care solutions. They distribute Hospedia software, which enables CareConnex solution, the world’s most advanced software for patient care. This software allows patients to easily access television, movies, radio, internet, games and much more. In addition, they can learn more about their condition and course of treatment, as well as communicate with hospital workers, control their room environment, order meals, and view their daily schedule to boost self-management, patient awareness and independent recovery.

This solution already exists in the market, as all-in-one systems, but for Private Hospitals, Barco wanted to provide something more impressive and that would mirror a home-entertainment experience.


The Solution

Aleutia provided an advanced set top box that enabled a leading edge Point of Care service. By combining a 42″ LG TV with an Aleutia T1 computer, the TV could be controlled through an RS232 serial connection serial port. This allowed patients to use one remove to navigate through entertainment, as well as to take surveys and browse the web.

Following the successful deployment of 102 private rooms at Bermuda Hospitals Board, Barco has deployed over 1500 of these projects to date. This includes 440 private rooms at a new veteran soldier’s Hospital in Las Vegas, all powered by the Aleutia T1.



Client: Barco

Country: USA

Category: Healthcare, Industrial