Ashford St. Peter's NHS Hospital

Over 100 Aleutia computers providing better battery life for PC Carts and critical diagnostics in surgery theatres

The Challenge

A sealed PC for infection control environment

Until 2010, surgery schedules in operating theatres were displayed on a whiteboard and written by hand with eraser marker. The trust installed LCDs so that these PAX schedules could be displayed digitally, updated instantly and viewed centrally with Bluespier software connecting the two sites of Ashford and St Peter’s, a major operational improvement.

Like most trusts ASPH used Dell, but this solution needed to be ultra reliable as sending IT support into a surgery theatre during an operation was impossible. In such an infection-control environment ASPH was not comfortable with a Dell PC, with its fan and mechanical hard drive.


The Solution

Aleutia’s T1-R was the solution to this challenge. A sealed fanless computer with a solid state drive for the reliability of no moving parts and it could be easily wall mounted (essential for such a space constrained environment).

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“Ashford St. Peter’s is the largest acute hospital in Surrey, providing care for over 380,000 patients every year. Trying to support their busy environment and new mobile nursing stations, Asford St. Peter’s trusted Aleutia computers for critical situations where they knew traditional Dell computers would fail.”

Client: Ashford St. Peter's Hospital, NHS

Country: England

Category: Healthcare

Dates: March 2012

Products: T1 Fanless Nettop, R50 Server