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Every Pret A Manger cafe in the world is equipped with an Aleutia server to run its tills

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The Challenge

Slow unreliable internet connection and limited storage space

In a busy London cafe there’s no space for a tower server and Pret A Manger’s head office needed to be able to monitor tens of thousands of sales of croissants, lattes and its signature sandwiches in real time. This data gathered from each store is vital and Pret A Manger needed an extremely reliable solution that could be tucked away in a space-constrained kitchen.

Every Pret in the UK, USA and Hong Kong uses an Aleutia server to manage its retail operations, more than 300 sites in all


The Aleutia T1 with its fanless design and solid state drive provided 24/7 reliability and was rugged and small enough to be mounted in a janitorial closet.

Aleutia’s software partner Clarity Commerce provided the innovative touchscreen interface on the Toshiba POS tills, each of which feed data back to an Aleutia T1 server running Windows server 2008 R2 for analysis.

This project is classic Aleutia: the software overhaul and server licenses are a multi million dollar project but Aleutia’s $500 computer was the vital keystone component that enabled it all to work day in day out.

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