MGCubed, Making Ghanaian Girls Great

Transforming the lives of Ghanaian girls through engaging distance learning, funded by DFID

The Challenge

Improve the quality of education and make ‘distance learning’ engaging for young woman in rural Ghana

Making Ghanaian Girls Great! (MGCubed) is a first-of-its-kind project focusing on ‘interactive distance learning’. Their aim was to provide 72 government schools with solar powered computers and projectors and broadcast live teaching sessions from studios in Accra. The pioneering project would impact more than 5,000 marginalised girls within two regions in Ghana (Volta and Greater Accra) and offer them an enhanced quality of education and transform their future.


The Solution

GEMS Education Solutions, the world’s leading education company, project managed the entire operation. Aleutia not only provided the solution, but Aleutia staff completed the installation too.

By using a rugged fit-for-purpose R50 computer, an ultra low power LED projector and a customised solar solution, Aleutia was able to help pioneer Africa’s first ‘interactive distance learning’ project. Instead of students watching a passive video, they now had a teacher talking to their class that they could interact with. Local teachers were retained as a facilitator and ‘distance learning’ was made engaging by making it more interactive.

Although there were webcams at each school, satellite conferencing was too expensive. A multicast system was used instead, which allowed the same video to be beamed to all the schools at once. Students could then ask questions by audio via a slow VSat internet connection.

The project also offered mentors and guest speakers, which encouraged interactive Q&A’s.

Using a single solar computer and projector per classroom, Aleutia developed a successful model for ‘distance learning’.



Client: GEMS Education, DFID

Country: Ghana

Category: Education

Dates: 2013 - Ongoing

Press Coverage

ICT Products

  • 144 x Aleutia R50 Fanless PC
  • 144 x NEC LED Projectors
  • 144 x AV Solution of Wireless Microphone/Speakers/Webcam

Solar Solution

  • 72 x 480W Solar Panel Roofmount Array(4 x 120W)
  • 12V 220Ah AGM Battery
  • 12V Pure Sine Wave 350W Inverter
  • 30A MPPT Charge Controller
  • Installation and On-Site Support