With only a web browser and login required, administrators can view standard analytics such as graphs of patient numbers, pie charts of diseases treated, and compare clinics and Local Government Areas against each other.

Performance and effectiveness of individual clinicians can also be monitored remotely.


All you need to access patient information is a web browser. Aleutia’s eClinic Cloud Database is responsive and works across all digital devices

Additional Advantages

Automated and accurate Reporting

Aleutia’s eClinic Software is formatted in a Microsoft Word template and provides automated Monthly Summary Forms, which are always up to date and far more accurate than handwritten and incomplete paper forms.

All details lost in abbreviated Summary Forms (such as full age range of malaria patients) or not captured altogether are still available for analysis in the Aleutia eClinic Cloud.

Big Data at your fingertips

With millions of patient records securely hosted in the cloud, Aleutia’s proprietary algorithms mine this Big Data for trends such as seasonal spikes of infectious diseases or epidemic outbreaks. It also provides real-time alerts, as well as, regular email summaries that are impossible with a paper-based system.

aleutia solar eclinic software abc nigeria
aleutia solar eclinic abc nigeria


eClinic Cloud Benefits

  • Access anywhere
  • Enterprise-level security
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Customisable dashboard and graphs
  • Automated NHMIS monthly summary forms
  • Optimised for mobile – iPhone, Android, iPad friendly
  • Works on all browsers – No local software required
  • Simple monthly licensing cost – Software as a service
  • Information captured daily via 3G
  • Trends and Email Reports
  • Outbreak Monitoring