Working closely with a leading orthopaedic surgeon a tropical medicine specialist in the UK and Nigeria, Aleutia developed diagnostic software in-house that leads nurses and clinicians to accurate diagnoses, restoring patient trust and relieving scarce doctors in the developing world for more specialised care.

Aleutia’s eClinic software replaces inaccurate pen and paper forms with an online patient database. The software focuses on the most common and treatable conditions, allowing 100+ patients to be seen daily, each receiving a unique patient ID.

How it works

  1. A junior registrar captures demographic information, the patient’s blood pressure, heart rate, BMI etc
  2. Drop-down menus ensure accurate data capture – no previous computer experience is needed
  3. The patient file is then instantly synchronised with the senior nurse’s computer in an adjacent room
  4. The senior nurse then sees the patient and begins recording symptoms such as fever, localised swelling, rashes, etc. to identify a diagnosis
Aleutia eClinic Software
Our eClinic software interface is clean, simple and user friendly. Healthcare professionals around the world will be comfortable using it

Additional advantages

Backed up to the eClinic cloud database

All data is backed up to the eClinic cloud (link to cloud tab) over 3G and is accessible to administrators on any web browser. This provides powerful analytics and reporting. The data is only 24 hours old instead of 90 days and is fully NHMIS compliant with automated monthly summary forms. Find out more about Aleutia’s cloud database solution here.

Telemedicine for specialised conditions

Dermatology and other conditions that require expert knowledge to diagnose can be captured by webcam and uploaded to the eClinic Cloud for review by doctors in the capital. The remote diagnosis is then available for patients at follow up visits.

Digital end-to-end healthcare for all staff

Aleutia’s eClinic software can also be used at existing clinics. For example: Maternity nurses can register patients details on the same database (i.e. birth conditions, postnatal care) digitally without pen and paper forms. This creates an extensive and more accurate database which is backed up to the cloud, providing near real-time analysis.

Aleutia nigeria eclinic
Aleutia eclinic nigeria ABC

The Complete Solution

  1. Rugged PCs for registering and diagnosis
  2. eClinic software creates a patient database, allowing accurate diagnosis
  3. eClinic Cloud provides powerful real-time analytics
  4. Off grid solar solution ensures continued operation of computers anywhere
  5. 3G Connectivity to the cloud and allow for solar to be remotely monitor