The world's most advanced and flexible
monitoring and control solution for marine vessels.

Flow is a radical new approach to vessel alarm, monitoring and control. Designed and built by professional engineers, using solid-state, type-approved components, Flow Marine are experts and real innovators in a very select field. 

The Challenge:

Flow needed a machine that was of industrial strength with dual LAN and with a ruggedness that gave them operability in a Marine setting beset with challenges of extremes of temperature, movement and sometimes vibration. It needed to be reliable when needed most and to ensure safety and critical operation when other lesser machines would fail.

Flows software needed to be presented and available on screen utilising a number of screen formats.

The Solution:

 Utilising the T1 as it's platform with modification in case design and providing dual LAN capability was the order off the day. Working closely with Flow,  , Aleutias Technical engineers developed the T1 to perfectly match Flows requirement and pass the appropriate approvals for use anywhere on the worlds oceans.  


Client:  Flow Marine.

Country: UK

Category: Marine

Dates: September 2015

Products: T1 Fanless PC