New York Times

Custom fanless backpack computer that automatically post-processes and uploads pictures from the SLRs of NY Times Photographers at the Oscars.

The Challenge

Create server that can be upload in real time

With the creation of their Red Carpet Project, The New York Times needed a custom spec that would get their photographer’s shots out, edited, and uploaded onto their site – in almost real time. Allowing their photographers to keep shooting and their audience a more comprehensive selection of glamorous gowns than traditional television could allow for.


The Solution

Aleutia’s Relia Server provided a solution that was far faster than any laptop, extremely energy efficient, portable, wireless, and was able to operate out of a single backpack for the whole night.

Aleutia’s custom solution allowed photographers to focus on capturing great images and the New York Times to deliver post processed website images in real time.



Client: New York Times

Country: USA

Category: Industrial

Dates: February 2013

Products: Relia Backpack