Newly Weds® Foods is a leading privately owned global food ingredients business and has been innovating since 1932. The European division is a market leader in the manufacture of coatings, seasonings, functional ingredient systems and flavourings.


The Challenge.

Newly Weds Foods needed a compact PC that was to be placed on the production line to run weighing scales.A simple thing you might think but this has a set of circumstances that are not a good environment for normal computers. Dust in this case consists of flour and other similarly fine ingredients that can fill the atmosphere in a way that will choke a normal fan using, PC. Ric Millar, IT specialist at Newly Weds, needed a PC that could cope with the heat, 'dust' and moisture and that wouldn't die in a matter of weeks. It also needed to be used in a food environment so had to be able to be wipe cleaned.

The Solution.

Using Aleutia T1s with a wall mounting or arm mounting bracket, Ric was able to have reliable computing to run the weighing scales. Instead of having to remove 'farinacious computing delights' from machine internals to keep them running, or throwing them away regularly, Aleutia provided a machine that delivered cleanable reliability to the weighing process and a turn on and forget policy to the production line.

Client: Newly Weds Food Ltd.

Country: UK

Category: Industrial

Dates: February 2015

Products: T1 Fanless PC