NITDA, Nigeria

Solar classrooms in rural Bayelsa State serving students by day and the community at night

The Challenge

How to make a computer lab relevant to an entire community, not just school children in an off grid rural area

The Nigerian Federal government had a vision to create a classroom for students by day and for adults by night.


The Solution

Solar panels are cheap, and so by purchasing additional panels Aleutia was able to pioneering a hybrid solar classroom that could run until late in the evening, after the sun had set.

The computers could run for twice as long and provided better security as the classroom was continuously populated.

Satellite internet is expensive, but the classroom was sustainable as internet access was charged for at night.

This proof of concept, pioneered by Aleutia, was so successful that a year later the government handed out fifty million dollar in contracts for this initiative to be rolled out across the delta.



Client: NITDA

Country: Nigeria

Category: Education

Dates: October 2011

Products: leutia T1 x 90 (3 labs,30 computers each)

                 LED Monitors

                 Windows Server

Aleutia's 'Solar Classroom in a Box' was a finalist in the 2015 INDEX: Design to Improve Life Awards.