Rubiri School, Kenya

Taking the guess work out of solar: A Solar Classroom in a Box installed within a day, transforming the lives of hundreds of students

The Challenge

Expensive installation in a remote area.

A school organised a fundraiser whereby middle class Kenya parents sponsored their children not to watch TV for a month. Ten thousand dollars was raised through this initiative and the money was given to a poorer Kenyan school, in off grid Naivasha for the installation of a solar powered classroom. This small budget left no margin for error or Microsoft software.


The Solution

Aleutia took the guesswork out of solar. By preselecting the cable and charging equipment an integrated solar classroom in a box, completed with Linux and FOSS (Free open source software), was installed by Aleutia staff within a day.

Using a local company to mount panels and weld the frames further reduced the costs of installation.

The impact was that 628 students, and 100 new ones every year, were able to use a computer for the first time.


Client: Rubiri School

Country: Kenya

Category: Education

Dates: October 2011

Products: T1 Fanless Nettop

                 Solar Classroom in a Box

Aleutia's 'Solar Classroom in a Box' was a finalist in the 2015 INDEX: Design to Improve Life Awards.