eClinic Software

Easy-to-use diagnostic software provides rapid patient registration. Nurses with no previous ICT experience are able to quickly identify symptoms, provide diagnosis, and offer treatment.

  • Developed in-house in conjunction with medical expertise
  • Intuitive and reliable
  • Digital end-to-end
  • High patient throughput
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Drug inventory management

eClinic Cloud Database

All patient records, diagnoses, treatments and prescriptions are securely backed up daily by 3G or GPRS from each clinic to Aleutia’s eClinic Cloud which provides a visual display of vast quantities of data.

  • Accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Enables telemedicine
  • Customisable dashboard
  • Incredibly scalable
  • Optimised for smartphones and tablets


Solar Container eClinic

A self-contained, pre-fabricated primary care centre that runs entirely on solar and can be rapidly deployed anywhere.

  • Off Grid – can be installed anywhere (Solar/Generator Hybrid or Pure Solar)
  • Standardised floorplan boosts patient throughput and makes training staff easier
  • Standardised medical equipment/furniture - all certified and UK sourced
  • Air Conditioned Waiting Room and Examination Tables
  • 3G or Satellite connected

Highlight on Programme ABC, Nigeria

Our solar eClinic software and solar computers currently operate in 33 clinics across Oyo State, Nigeria, providing free healthcare, ID cards and digital records for over 30,000 patients a month.  Watch the testimonial from the First Lady of Oyo State, Mrs. Florence Ajimobi, download our eClinic brochure, or visit the case study page to learn more.

Healthcare Case Studies