• Off Grid – can be installed anywhere (Solar/Generator Hybrid or Pure Solar)

  • Standardised floorplan boosts patient throughput and makes training staff easier

  • Standardised medical equipment/furniture - all certified and UK sourced

  • Air Conditioned Waiting Room and Examination Tables

  • 3G or Satellite Connected


Who Benefits

aleutia solar eclinic


Patients are issued ID cards when they register, enabling them the flexibility to visit any eClinic without carrying paperwork.

They are able to receive more appropriate diagnoses from nurses and expert dial-in advice through the eClinic software and associated video conferencing.

Patients are treated with best-in-class equipment in a modern, air-conditioned environment that is not reliant on grid power for operation.

Patients can also receive text messages alerting them of upcoming immunizations or other notices, the responsiveness of which can be monitored by the software controller.

aleutia nurses nigeria solar clinic

Nurses & Doctors

The Aleutia eClinic software allows basically trained nurses to diagnose more accurately by leading them through a series of tailored questions on their computers. In addition every eClinic features professional equipment, a modern working environment and the ability to pull up a patient's records instantly rather than sifting through papers or starting from scratch with each intake. Because of the solar equipped with each eClinic, they can continue to operate regardless of fluctuations in grid-power.

The eClinic solutions allows doctors more time to focus on urgent cases, as well as phone in with video-conferencing to give accurate responses to dermatological and other issues. Outbreaks can be tracked and pop-up emergency treatment centers can be facilitated.

aleutia eclinic

Governments & NGOs

Whether sponsored by a government or NGO, the Aleutia container eClinic allows facilitators a wealth of information not previously available, with the power to stop outbreaks before they become a crisis.

All information collected in the software is updated between one and three times daily giving facilitators access to practically real-time information. Population records can be collected and kept, and patients can be easily accessed through SMS. Data can be broken down and viewed in a wide range of ways.