Sixth Formers in Swanlea School have exclusive access to a newly-refurbished and very well resourced centre, separate from the main school

As an ’Outstanding’ School’ (in their last OFSTED Report), Swanlea School provides superb accommodation for its 6th Form with a resolve to be as energy efficient as they can. 

The Challenge

To provide students with appropriate new computing devices, with up to date software and using the most cost effective hardware to ensure an overall reduction in the Sixth Form’s Carbon Footprint, over 3 large teaching suites.

Although space was not a big issue in such a modern, airy and light teaching space, VESA mounting was desirable. Not using air conditioning and making the appropriate cost saving was also part of the wish list when Aleutia sat down to talk their requirements through with the Swanlea team. This included Facilities Management and their Business Manager along with the IT team.

The Solution

The Aleutia T1 with 4GB RAM and 128GB mSATA SSDs running Windows 7 Pro was the perfect fit. Being fan-less and with minimum heat output, no air conditioning was necessary.                                                                             

90 VESA mounted Aleutia T1s, along with new 21.5” monitors, keyboards and mice, spread over 3 modern teaching suites, were installed in September 2015 with the assistance of Aleutia staff. Not only has Swanlea School delivered state of the art hardware to its students, but with ultra low power consumption, the T1 makes a great contribution to reducing the school’s electricity bill. More are planned to be installed throughout 2016.


'Aleutia computers helped Swanlea reduce its electrical consumption and the space saving was particularly useful. Using ultra compact, ultra energy efficient computers fits in well with the school’s ethos and reduces our carbon footprint'

'They are also much faster than the previous computers that were installed.  We find that actual teaching/user time increases. The space saving technology (no towers) means that we can fit more units into the classes and even in the height of summer, in a class full of students, there is no heat output being generated from the computers.'

Samantha Cullen, Business Manager.


Client: Swanlea School, Tower Hamlets.

Country: UK

Category: Education

Dates: September 2015

Products: T1 Fanless PC