Super Yachts like the S.Y Panthalassa, have very specific needs in computer hardware. Not many machines can come close.

Whether running navigation and communications systems, everyday computing or perhaps at the centre of entertainment systems in luxurious state rooms for discerning clients, the need for something exceptional is always necessary. Aleutia R50 fits the bill perfectly.

The Challenge:

High end hardware with i3/i5 processor. Ships power is at 12v or 24v and sailing around the world obviously means contact with salt air and variable temperatures. It must be silent, rugged and good looking and able to withstand vibration and shock. Multiple screen ability, up to 4k. Low power and ultra compact.

The Solution:

10 R50s have been deployed throughout the Yacht giving the IT technicians everything they need to satisfy the exacting demands of the brief. Variable voltage input, fan less and with  processing power to spare using M.2 SSD and high speed RAM, the Aleutia R50 delivers all the brief asked and to top it, looks like a custom made piece that is beautiful enough to grace a state room and rugged enough to pull up it's sleeves and become a team member when work is the order of the day.  Capable of working in high temperatures or low, with mission critical reliability, the S.Y Panthalassa has hardware that it can trust to do the job when it counts. 


Client:  S.Y Panthalassa

Country:  France

Category: Super Yacht Charter

Dates: February  2015

Products: R50