Yo! Sushi

Aleutia’s custom XEON server providing a point of sale solution and transforming YO! Sushi’s stores nationwide.

The Challenge

Slow unreliable internet connection and limited storage space

Due to rapid growth, YO! Sushi wanted to revamp their POS systems in store and go mobile, using iPod touches. As each store has a conveyer belt serving system it was inappropriate to have a bank of tills, like you’d find in a Pret or a constantly moving debit card machine, like in a bar.

The stores often used consumer broadband (slow broadband services) and had limited space for traditional servers.

As the project was being rolled out to all 60 stores, YO! Sushi needed a compact system that could easily be shipped, delivered, self installed, did not require a server rack and had the flexibility to be mounted in a closet size manager office or even on a wall.


The Solution

Working with Clarity Commerce, who developed the innovative software, Aleutia developed a mini-ITX server with a quad core Intel XEON processor.

Aleutia’s custom XEON server transformed YO! Sushi’s operations, using a 3rd less power than traditional servers – saving over £100 per year on energy costs per restaurant.

Aleutia’s custom fit-for-purpose ultra compact server enabled a point of sale transformation, allowing real time analytics and trends to be identified within the YO! Sushi stores.


Client: Yo Sushi

Country: England

Category: Retail, Industrial

Dates: November 2013

Products: D3 Xeon compact server